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Insurance Investigations Services in Portugal

Insurance fraud has existed ever since the beginning of insurance as a commercial enterprise which is benefiting not only by securing the personal life of the people, also protecting the businesses of many who are taking the good use of insurance activities in securing businesses by taking the risk cover. It is difficult to avoid the quality use of insurance works in the present circumstances so only insurance is growing as the most eminent phenomenon which is highly utilized by people for making their life happy and healthier.

But, an insurance investigation is emerging out a procedure or methodology to ensure whether or not an insurance fraud has occurred. The term Insurance fraud Investigation has become the common term in the insurance sector which indicates the possibilities of getting a fraud. It is because claim remained the most sensitive and highly prone area in Portugal where lots of frauds are coming out and causing major financial losses.

Claim nevertheless, is the most attractive part of insurance works where people try to use the tact’s, tricks and cleverness in getting the remittance of various kinds of thefts, losses and damages as the compensation. Due to which more and more fraudulent claims are becoming the part of insurance processes and subsequently the requirement of claim investigations are taking the leap in Portugal.

Such requirements are effectively undertaken by our insurance fraud investigators who have the wider roles in looking after the entire investigative needs by providing the means to have faster claim investigations to relive the insurance organizations in the country. The extensive use of these processes can expose the use of faked and forged substance used in creating a fraudulent claim. This is to ensure you that our claim investigators are highly proficient and well trained to reveal the bottomed facts utilized in constructing a staged or faked claim. The early detection of fraud definitely work as the stitch in time saves nine to the companies.

Same kind of philosophy is applied in all the claim investigation works while working closely with many of the major Life and Health insurance providers, Attorneys / Lawyers, Loss Adjusters, Investigation Agencies, self insured and self funded employers to assist in identifying those committing fraudulent insurance acts. Our insurance investigation services are mentioned below:

  • Third Party Claims/ Medi-Claims/Personal accident investigations
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Legal and Insurance Support Services
  • Accident Claims Investigations
  • Theft Claim Investigations
  • Insurance Surveillance Services
  • Tracing Witnesses and obtaining Statement
  • Assisting Counsels / Lawyers
  • Insurance Fraud investigations
  • Recovery of the stolen vehicle
  • Claims Investigations
  • Property Claim Investigations

The investigation starts with our investigator efficient work which verifies the claimant's credit, perform surveillance, collect information from the scene, consult experts, and use law enforcement resources for assistance and concrete evidence. For getting the appreciable services, we are gathering the excellence of our highly competent private investigators for discreet investigations. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our Insurance Investigation Services you may inquire on


  • Asset Investigations
  • Business Background
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Computer Forensic
  • Corporate & Business
  • Corporate Background Screening

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  • IP Investigations
  • IP Audit Services
  • IP Monitoring Services
  • IP Acquisition Services
  • IP Other Deterrents
  • IP Attorney Services

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  • Insurance Investigation Services
  • Claims Investigation
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Accident Claims Investigation
  • Theft Claim Investigations

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  • Employment Background
  • Education Qualification
  • Other General Verifications
  • Registration & Certificates
  • International Public Record

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Skip Tracing

  • Skip Tracing Missing Debtors
  • Status Enquiry
  • Tracing of Missing Persons
  • Tracing of Defendants, Witness
  • Process Service

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